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Thread: CNC milling - prototype cars

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    CNC milling - prototype cars

    I offers to make styrofoam body.

    price about 2,000 - 3,000$

    Michael (ss7)

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    Hi, can you tell us more about what you are offering and where you are located. I might be interested. Thanks

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    Hi! I live in Poland. Offers to make a body based on a 3D model. Preparation of the g-code included in the price.

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    very nice!

    now, only if you can provide more information about yourself and if shipping is included, if not, what are you offering? air or sea? from poland to mainland US is about 30-35 days, if not longer.

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    Shipping is not included, price of container to the U.S. is 1000 - 1500 $ (by sea)
    I made a few models, including for themselves s7(coated with resins)
    Price does not include the 3D model, you can buy in a shop with models.

    Price includes materials - Styrofoam with an average hardness (sufficient)

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    Do you have any pictures of your work?

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    Photos available on the private message. Not publicly share photos of cars customers.

    Pictures of my s7

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    Good idea

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    Where in Poland do you live?

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    CAn you also make the parts needed and how much would it cost? you can email me at Thanks..

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