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Thread: Engine Cradle - Longitudinal $1500

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    Engine Cradle - Longitudinal $1500

    I am selling a Mid-Engine Subframe to extend the wheelbase for a fiero by 5" and mount a Chrysler V6 / auto trans. The price does not include crating / shipping. I will pay the first $200 for true shipping costs anywhere in the continental US. More information may be found at:

    This mid-engine subframe is fully functional. It was built for this engine / trans combo, but may be altered (after purchase) to accommodate a wide variety of engine / trans options including small block V8, porsche or audi trans, subaru, mazda rotary - whatever your imagination can come up with. This specific subframe was built for a project but the customer ultimately wanted a porsche engine / trans setup... so I kept this subframe, engine & trans.

    The entire suspension - as you set it - is included in the price. The hubs are 5 on 100mm (GM) and can be upgraded to large 5 on 115mm bolt pattern for an extra $100 The corvette rims shown are mounted with wheel adapters. Please specify which bolt pattern you would like... and if you would like wheels / tires.

    For those looking to extend the wheelbase of a Fiero for a kitcar, this will extend the wheelbase 5 inches and attach to the lower, forward engine cradle (K member) mounts at the base of the firewall.

    If you are building a custom vehicle this engine cradle is very easily adapted to an existing frame.

    The track width is 68 inches hub-to-hub. I can provide other measurements (ballpark) if you like.

    Yes, I can include the engine / trans... but first, I must let you know the trans is an empty case. I have all the guts in a couple of plastic bins. I will not ship the trans parts, they are for local pickup only. The engine was running when pulled from the car, and I have the complete wiring harness - but I could not get the engine to run outside of the car... There is no extra charge for the engine / trans, but it is for local pickup only.

    let me know if you have any questions...
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