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Thread: some misc craigslist finds throughout the country

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    some misc craigslist finds throughout the country

    355 kitcar not completed but decently priced imo
    Ferrari Kit Car

    older bentley style kit (not the greatest but not too bad)
    bentley kit car

    dino ferrari replica, not priced too bad
    Replica Ferrari on VW Frame

    decently priced testarossa guy says it needs some light repair but it looks nice in the pictures
    Ferrari Testarossa Kit Car

    308 style replica on a third gen camaro
    1992 Camaro w/Ferrari body kit

    diablo, needs work but may be worth it
    !!! LAMBORGHINI DIABLO 2001!!!

    another diablo not a whole lot of pictures but also seems to be decently priced but needs work....I believe it does come with diablo rims though
    lamborghini kit car with 4 original rims and tires

    kinda expensive for this testarossa replica, but its fun to look at the pictures and videos of what used to be a third gen camaro
    1992, Ferrari Testarossa replica
    1992, Ferrar Testarosa - $25,900
    1992, Ferrari Testarossa replica - $29,995 < Video Playlist | Embedr

    355 that looks pretty decent
    Ferrari F355 Berlinetta (replica)

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    Thanks for posting!! A lot of those look really really good and are good priced too

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