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Thread: Rear panel on F40 (Between tail lights)

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    Rear panel on F40 (Between tail lights)

    I just bought a F40 replica and the center panel of the rear is missing between the taillights.
    Previous owner said this was for air intake but I want it covered.

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    Mera308GTS had (still has?) a nice F40 replica. He might be able to direct you where to locate a panel.

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    This looks like a easy piece to fab up. Every kit maker is going to be different so one kit might not fit yours.

    I would use a large piece of cardboard to make the exact shape you need. Cut out the taillights on the cardboard. You will need metal screen, I always double screen using two different types of screen to keep prying eyes from seeing the real motor. You will need metal sheet to make outside border, plus metal rings to fit over the taillights. A custom grill shop or truck shop can make this for you. I'm actually going to do something similar.

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