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Thread: Ferrari F355 kit car for sale in Toronto. $7000

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    Ferrari F355 kit car for sale in Toronto. $7000

    Have no time and energy. And winter is coming so I have to sell it. I put about $35000 on it.the base is 86 fiero 2.8. And kit is IFG gen1. It have 308 style replica interior. F355 cluster(fully wired and everything work) pioneer subwoofer. Anti theft system. Fully adjustable suspension.
    It finished 90%. All of costly parts are finished. Need a roof(you can find a fiero roof and mount it on) and a door handle at outside. And a flex line(rear brake)
    This is a professional build kit car. Build by a repair shop. Car located at Niagara Falls Canada. My phone number is 2899291524. And my email is
    Feel free to ask any questions.
    YouTube link for the car:
    And kijiji link:

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    Still available?

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