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Thread: Looking to trade a fully built 99 Diablo Replica

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    Selling a fully built IFG 99 Diablo Replica

    EDIT: I'm now looking to sell the Diablo since it seems unlikely a trade is possible

    I have a replica of a 99 Lambo Diablo and was looking to trade for either a fully built (no work needed) DNA 360, DNA 430, or MR2 Spyder based Murcie in the US.

    The Diablo kit has a 3800SC engine swap and the car runs and drives flawlessly. It has minor stress cracks in the fiberglass, but is barely noticeable unless you're looking at it from about an inch away.

    This is an IFG kit and was built properly with an 11" stretch based on a Fiero chassis. It has a 3800SC motor swap and is pretty zippy. It has an authentic euro air horn and a replica key to go along with it.

    It's currently registered as a 99 Diablo and you should have absolutely no problems with registration or insurance (insurance is based off the Fiero VIN number is is super cheap). I can walk you through the insurance and registration if you'd like.

    It turns heads and catches attention everywhere it goes. Posting here first before advertising on CL and eBay.

    PM me for more info, pics, questions, and contact info.

    For some reason the photos are showing sideways so just right click and select "open image in new tab"

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    Nice car buddy. Was wondering if you can post some interior and engine shots?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bangsters View Post
    Nice car buddy. Was wondering if you can post some interior and engine shots?
    Here are some engine shots (the car came with an aluminum faux carbon paint cover that I wasn't a fan of:

    Here's a pic of me dry fitting the new engine cover before painting it (it's not fully installed yet, but I can either install it or just include it):

    The image attachment function doesn't seem to want to cooperate with me so I've been uploading them to one of my servers in the meantime. I'll try to dig up some interior pics otherwise I'll take new ones and post them up.

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    Found some additional pics

    I got a key made that uses the GM fob with a replica molded around it (pictured) and I also installed the wheel pictured below and it has a euro air horn:

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    Still for sale. 50k

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