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Thread: Looking for a completed diablo in western Canada

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    Looking for a completed diablo in western Canada

    Hi and just wondering if anyone knows of a completed diablo 4 sale in or around Calgary Alberta. The last one i bought was in Ontario so for the right car i will travel. Nice if it was registered and close to being done will work. Thanks.

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    I have a completed IFG Lamborghini Diablo 60 that was IFG's show car for sale. Below is an old eBay listing with pic and description.

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    Thanks for the reply, Yea thats what i am looking 4 but cant bring it across the border as kit car are not admissible into Canada. Sucks

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    i have one on craigslist calgary, im in Vancouver

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    my add is also on craiglist Vancouver

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    any response? to much ?to Little ? anything

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    Thanks for the reply and its a nice car but just a little pricey. I understand what it takes to build one hours and cash but 4 80k i would be looking at a 360 or acr. Best of luck with the sale and thanks again.

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