I have a friend who has two cars he's looking to sell.

Neither of them is "road worthy", but either could be made that way.

I didn't know if someone here might be interested in them for parts, or to refurbish, or as a platform for a kit of some kind.

One is, as the thread title states, a 98 (not sure...could be 97) Toyota Corolla. Still ran when parked...was hit in the front end, not sure if any sub frame damage or not. From outside, it looks like just fenders, hood and bumper/grille need replaced, but as we all know, some damage you have to "uncover" to "discover". Think it might be a 6cyl.

The other car was a nice ride, and no accidents and had a new timing belt put on just before being parked. The tranny started acting up and the owner couldn't find anybody to fix it "cheap" so he parked it. It's the A4 Audi, a 98 or 99 I believe.

Both cars have been sitting for close to the last year. Located in SE OH, Washington Co..

Don't have a clue what he might want for them, but I know him to be a reasonable, practical man, and he would not ask an outrageous price for something that needs cash put into it to work.

So should anybody be interested, contact Don here: seven four zero - 473 - twenty three hundred.