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    Looking for a trade or a decent cash offer. They take 20-30 too build so save the best offer stuff. I'm not expecting a full return but I would like another car in similar shape or a cash offer with enough k 's too start my next build. Exterior and interior are done with only minor tinkering qwerks. Like my door handles constantly need adjusting / sometimes I just pull the interior handle cover off and pull the rods manually. Stuff like that/ I'm ok with it. Gives me something too play with on weekends. Due too the car being a clone, I'm reserving my images for serious buyers and traders. I've sold several different replicas over the years and the community is full of dreamers and scammers looking too repackage your car as thiers. This is a one owner car............ nobody too track down- ask me and I can tell you how or what was done.

    I'm not interested in talking for hours but FaceTime /Skype /Snapchat can all be used too verify my integrity, confirm that the car is physically in my possession on my estate and I certify that I own the car. It's simple: either you want it or you don't....... I'm posting before I spend more money changing the look again, and these only max out in the 20's so I figured I'd see if anyone is looking. I know I was looking up and down the coast before I built mine... anywho my email is

    worth mentioning
    new 2.7 motor installed
    new timing chain, water pump and guides
    new suspension in front
    rear control arm replaced
    oem gas fill Passenger
    oem lights and wheel
    new top
    Dmw state inspection/ Title modified to show Bentley kit
    Insured, tagged , and state inspected.

    wheel alignment from 20inch too 18 inch wheel change.
    door handle have rods, i'd switch too cables. Rods flex/ cables can be fastened inside

    please don't bash me for not posting initial pics and asking buyers too email me. Everyone doesn't parade thier clone around on the net. Some people are private and enjoy the Bruce Wayne effect. I am one of them. Also if it's easier they can post trades here, although it would be more efficient if they were sent directly to my gmail address provided above
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