Well, I started my K1 attack build about 8 years ago. A new business venture caused me to put the project on hold, and ive not really had time to pick up the project from there.

A link to the build is http://www.madmechanics.com/forum/bu...uild-diary.htm

I did, half heartly advertise her a few years ago, but despite a few offers, decided to hang on to her in the hope of finding the time one day.

I can't see that time happening shortly, so really need to get rid.

Brief spec,

box / tubular chassis, just needs front suspension mounts welding on. needs powder coating

Ferrari 355 wishbones and uprights

AP brakes, 6 piston monoblocks up front and 4 at the rear

Ohlins suspension all round

lots and lots of carbon


Audi RS4 4.2 engine. had the heads rebuilt, just need fitting

M3 throttle bodies

Ally fuel tank

Ally rad

AP Racing hi-velocity m/cylinders and discs

Custom wheels with Pirelli Tyres, new

Most other parts to finish

A lot of the moulds

Have spend in the region of 30,000

Open to offers as could do with the space !!!