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Thread: FOR SALE:Stretched Frame with 3800SC Engine

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    FOR SALE:Stretched Frame with 3800SC Engine


    - 1988 Fiero GT frame stretched 10.5"
    - Brand new Held Wide Track control arms
    - QA1 fully adjustable coil overs and racing springs
    - 13" Disc brakes and master cylinder upgrade
    - Custom wheel spacers and adapters (Fiero to Lamborghini)
    - Poly bushings

    - 3800SC engine, transmission, and harness
    - Top end has been rebuilt, bottom end has not been touched
    - Heads, intake, valves, and supercharger have been machined, ported, and polished
    - Motor is installed into Fiero cradle with swap motor mounts and Poly Bushings
    - Includes FieroFlyer wire harness (already installed on motor)
    - PCM programed
    - Supercharger has under drive pulley installed, PCM programmed for pulley
    - LS push rods
    - FieroRog alt relocate bracket
    - AC bypass pulley
    - New belts
    - Custom axles for engine swap

    --- Lots of extra parts to go with it

    --- $5500 Frame, motor, and suspension
    --- Add $1000 for OEM Gallardo wheels

    **If your budget is close, hit me up and we can work something out.
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