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Thread: Looking for 512BB or 308GTS parking light covers??

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    Looking for 512BB or 308GTS parking light covers??

    Okay I had a friend of mine that has a Ferrari 512BB kit on a Fiero chassis break one of his parking light covers. Now my question is there anywhere that sells them individually for the kit? I also didn't know if we could use 308GTS parking light covers possibly? Any info on how to get these would be great. Thanks for your help guys!


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    Re:Looking for 512BB or 308GTS parking light covers??

    i have a set of 308 parking lens.. Not sure if it will work for his kitcar. selling cheap.. sold in a set only. only have one set. IM me or email
    talk to u soon Amir! Good to see u here. And Happy new year buddy

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    Re: Looking for 512BB or 308GTS parking light covers??

    I have a decent used right side OEM Ferrari lens. Has a very tiny hairline crack (not clear thru) probably from a road stone. and not noticable at all. It came off my 308. $10.00 + shipping sound fair?

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