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Thread: 308 taillights and wheels

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    308 taillights and wheels

    anyone know where to get 308 taillights or something similiar close to Ontario. And wheels for this?

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    Re:308 taillights and wheels

    Only 308 tail lights available today are real Ferrari ones. Team III wheels are the best looking rims.

    They do not list them. You will need to call them.

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    Re:308 taillights and wheels

    1-2 yrs ago I bought replica lights from a place down in Windsor ..Fiero Conversions ...I waited forever to get them ..came with just lenses no housings ..bit of a rip off ..they might still sell them ...john

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    Re:308 taillights and wheels

    I have 4 used but good condition rims very similar from mine. The ones on the pictures are my 16x7 MOMO Star. The one I have for sale are CSA (MOMO copy)
    They are 15x7. I was supposed to put them on my replica but came across the MOMO. PM me if interested and I can take a pictures of the actual rims. I'm located in the Montreal area.

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