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Thread: looking for wheel spacers.

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    looking for wheel spacers.

    Hi, i have another quick request. im looking to buy two billet alum wheel spacers that are from 1 1/4 to 2''. if you have any are know of a great place to buy them that would be very helpful. hope to hear soon. take care..
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    Re:looking for wheel spacers.

    If you have a Fiero check here:
    If you have a VW chassis I sell them:
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    Re:looking for wheel spacers.

    Contact Johnny at Good Speed Racing. Best quality I have seen and at a great price. 818.768.1615

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    Re:looking for wheel spacers.

    Do a search on this site on wheel spacers and you will locate every source we know about. I think the spacer topic has been covered at least 12 times.
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    Re:looking for wheel spacers.

    Go to ;D


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