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Thread: Countach Seat Shells

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    Countach Seat Shells

    :-\ Do these look like they would be worth $100 or so?
    They look a little on the "thin" side with regards to the fiberglass. I am considering bidding on these tomorrow. Thanks to red328gtb for the heads up on this one! Now don't any of you fools go and start uping the bid on me! ;D

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    Re:Countach Seat Shells

    Don't do it! after the upholstery it will cost you same money as to re do yours Fiero to look like a 25ths. 25th have different seats. I just re did my, now it's in upholstery shop. the cost? around 800Can $ for pair.

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    Re:Countach Seat Shells

    price is right ...I don,t like the shape of them tho ...personally I like the ones that narrow at the top a bit ...and don't forget most fiberglass seats are not all that comfortable to sit in for long cruises ...john

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    Re:Countach Seat Shells

    :-\ I can take a hint,,,,,,I don't really want to have to reinvent the "seat" anyway. I could just use the Mr. Mikes covers or I have now seen another option I could go with. Anyone buying shells like this would need to attach steel to stiffen, somehow get rails attached, and still not be able to adjust the tilt. All this before even thinking about covering them! Thanks for the advice guys,,,,,,I think I will pass. 8)

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