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Thread: 308 build instructions-wanted

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    308 build instructions-wanted

    I'm building a 308, and Iheard that there was a company by the name of xillion that produced a video of the build up .
    i'd like to get a copy of this if any one has it ,or any other build up instructions. thanx.

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    Re:308 build instructions-wanted

    They did,i used to sell and install his kits,i even drove one myself for 2 years on a 97 gt,i had a copy,but i've moved the shop a few times,and haven't noticed it,but then again i've had no reason to look for it,i'll see if i can track it down,i did see a few original brochures in the file cab last week,so it could still be around,i do have a few complete build ups from magazines i can scan and send you if that helps,install from start to finish,4 issues!! ;D

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    Re:308 build instructions-wanted

    thanks ,Madmike I'd appreciate any info you have on this

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    Re:308 build instructions-wanted

    I've got to grout the tile in the new kitchen floor for the wife today if i want to live to see tomorrow,[BOBBETT SYNDROME]
    But i have to get something from the shop tonight,so i'll get the article and scan it,it took 4 issues i know i have that,my kitcar type mag collection goes back to 1968 when kitcars were in vw-trends mag,i don't know how to compress e-mail,so i'll most likely have to send you a bunch of e-mails,a few pages at a time if thats ok!! ;D ???


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    Re:308 build instructions-wanted


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    Re:308 build instructions-wanted

    GOOB,I hope you got the e-mails,because they're not in the outbox anymore,maybe the computer gremlins stole them,let me know if they made it so i don't do it over again!!! ;D


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    Re:308 build instructions-wanted

    ;D Mike I know mine works fine.. and yep I'm stillllll working on mine. Getting ready to fix the front in the next month and then hehehehe Install a 3800SC for some good times over at Heartland racetrack.. So if you don't mind could you send them my way also? I could forward them to who ever once I get them.. I'm on broadband.. L8

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    Re:308 build instructions-wanted

    Dear Madmike,

    While you are on it.......can you fax / email the buildup stuff for me as well? Thanks a lot.


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    Re:308 build instructions-wanted

    GOOB,e-mailed me this morning that he got them,and i deleted the scans(my old p.o.s.computerlacks memory space bigtime)i don't have the zipfile program,so i can't compress the files,and they take almost as long as the u.s.mail to get there lol.maybe he has the program to zip zap them over to you guys,if not i'll scan them again and e-mail them to you,but it was 10 full magazine pages at an average of 648
    whatevers each,and took forever to send,so it probably took just as long for goob to open them!!! : ;D


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    Re:308 build instructions-wanted

    Hey, Micheal, Ijust emailed all the info I got from MadMike it took along time to send them, so hopefully you got it all!!!

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