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Thread: Convertible Top for sale

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    Convertible Top for sale

    Selling an Incomplete Fiero top kit from California Convertible Co. I have a header, 2 bows, some linkage, mounting brackets at firewall, Large cutting template (to cut fiero) looks like a blueprint. Assembly Manual and video. No Fabric. Most missing pieces can be made from what I have, for instance I have a right link and a left can be made in reverse. Some parts I have multiple qtys, I bought out all the stock the manufacturer had. All to be sold together in one lot. $400 Thanks, Vinny -located in New York, can ship
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    Re:Convertible Top for sale

    I might be intersted in this top but do have a few questions. How does it fold down, does it have that removable ceter section like some I have seen or is it more like a standard style top and any photos?

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