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Thread: Kit for trade?

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    Kit for trade?

    Ok, Im new here but please do not go off on me if I sound like a moron posting this. I saw the fake rolex post and now Im concerned Its ok, really I can take it. Anyway, this site looks like a good place to throw out this idea and if anyone is seriously interested - GREAT! *keeping fingers crossed* Here is my deal: Late last year I purchased my donor Fiero and befor getting any kit components, I wanted to get the car where I wanted it to be mechanically first. So I did so and thousands of dollars later, I have a great car but a Fiero chasis. I really want to kit this car out, but have depleted most of my current project funds :-X doh! My wife would kill me anyway if I put anymore money into this right now even if I had it available. So I will have to wait to get a kit - probably a year or more...UNLESS... someone is attracted to this idea (which really is a good deal all things considered - just sounds a little unconventional). I am willing to trade off for a kit a beautiful high speed Compaq laptop computer. The laptop is fully loaded with lots of hardware and TONS of software. It has a DVD drive with DVD software, it has MS-Office and the MS-Works software. It is of course net ready with ethernet jack and regular phone connector jack, etc. Very fast computer. I have the Gig, drive, MB/KB info stuff written somewhere if anyone wants it. That stuff is all greek to me anyway. This laptop cost well over $2000. when I bought it less than 2 years ago! I will also throw in to the deal an HP CD burner (Its an HP CD-writer 8200 series). What I am looking for in a kit is easy: almost anything. Only real requirement is that it of course lines up decent. No beat up kits - its amazing some of the crap people have out there. ??? Ferrari or Lamborghini replica - NON stretch. Convertible or coupe does not matter really (preferably coupe but not a huge deal).

    Again, I realize this may sound a little strange, but Im not looking for a donor chasis with it or even interior pieces. Once my wife sees the exterior complete, she should approve more purchases for interior and so on. ;D All I need essentially is a complete body kit. Doors, hoods, scoops, etc. And again, ferrari, lamborghini replica - no matter. But non stretch is a must. Long story on why...not important though...

    So if you guys want to give me a hard time, its ok. :P I know this probably sounds strange, but if anyone might be interested please reply or send a private message and we can talk more details. I am located in Florida but can arrange and cover cost of shipping for any potential long distance transactions. Thanks everybody!

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    Re:Kit for trade?

    not knockin ya, but you are lowballing just a bit. as most know, a 2k computer two years ago is only worth like 1200 now. i haven't seen any body only kits, much less ones with the hardware included, to come in anywhere around that price. i could be completely wrong, but from i've researched this seems to be the case. i think you are just hosting this in the wrong place, maybe try they have far more volume of cars and people willing to trade. just a thought. eitherwho good luck and keep checking out this place for great info.

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    Re:Kit for trade?

    To NeedForSpeed:

    Would it be easier to try and sell this laptop on eBay and get the money for a base kit that way???
    I seriously doubt that anyone here has a extra kit in their garage collecting dust, who's willing to let it go that low...Most kits, even incomplete ones, I've seen advertised on eBay or are more than $3K -$5K for a Ferrari or Lambo kit (unless you want a Bradley GT kit). or unless someone is desperate and willing to get rid of it...

    Having said all that, I just saw a F355 kit on eBay which probably will be sold at a low price because the seller needs money....However, it's made for a stretch Fiero but you can easily fix that....Take a look at the kit below and contact the seller for a possible trade.....Best of luck.

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    Re:Kit for trade?

    Just thought Id throw it out there. One of those right place at the right time type things I guess. Thanks though.

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