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Thread: 360 spider kit for sale

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    360 spider kit for sale

    ;Di knew that would get your attention!
    i could get access to a 360 and just talked to a glass expert
    who said he would take on the project...
    i will get the first kit..
    how much are you willing to pay?
    if we can sell enough kits we will offer the guy alot of$$$$$
    to use his car to make a replice or a 1 off kit
    who's interested and whats your bid?
    if enough ppl a real about it i will approch the 360 owner

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    Re:360 spider kit for sale

    not to discourage you but you would have to completely strip
    off the body panels to do anything worthwhile. if that still
    sounds good, then the risk of paint damage might be
    something to think about. i would love to see you do this but
    still you could be risking... a crapload of trouble :-X
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    Re:360 spider kit for sale

    vicious,moldmaking is an art,it takes several thousand dollars to get a project like this off the ground.good luck

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    Re:360 spider kit for sale

    Good Luck, but I HIGHLY doubt that any Ferrari 360 owner will let anyone dismantle his/her car to make molds from.

    As mike d. said, mold making is an art, and takes A LOT of time and thousands of dollars in material, then you still have to pay the guy for the labor.

    I personally can't see ANY guy that owns a $150k - $200k car go into a fiberglass shop to get dismantled. The smell of syrene will soak into the leather and never come out.

    I just don't see it happening.

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    Re:360 spider kit for sale

    Hi, These guys all have a point, BUT, if the owner is willing to let you use the car, you could maybe use a rubber mold. I mean taping all of the gaps, really perparing the car, so no damage happens, then look into a good rubber, or silicone molding process,that won't hurt the paint, with a fiberglass outside shell for support(or a cheaper one use mold can be a plaster mold). This will give you the basic body mold, your going to have to re-do and door jams anyways(if your making a fiero version, so you can make these from scratch). Of course it would be best to copy every part exact, and have those to work off of, but if you just get an exact copy of the outer body right now, you'll be a step ahead of most people. I do know of a guy that was starting to do a 360 kit, and I'm sure he'll be getting some OEM parts to start with. I wonder if there's some kind of srink wrap, heavy plastic you could use to coat the car before starting anything, that would be nice. But if you were to do this, you'd have to make one body from this mold, and make a plug out of that one body, and remold. Or, if your handy, you may be able to contact some of the ferrari racers, and buy some damaged parts, or seach for places that handle used ferrari parts, and buy all damaged panels, put them together and fix all of the damage. When I went to the ferrari challenge, the guys in the pit said they throw a lot of the damaged parts out. I was looking for some 355 stuff at the time, but they just got rid of the parts the week before. If you hook up with one of these pit guys, offer them some money for the parts. Of course, don't tell them your looking for parts for a kit car! If you do this, try Hilfinger's group, he doesn't know how to drive, he wrecked three times that day! Tell them your building a ferrari bed or something, I actually saw one on TV! I called a dealer in NY when I was looking for used taillights, and was able to buy three used lights out of a wreck. Or, keep a close eye on ebay.
    Hudson, NY

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    Re:360 spider kit for sale

    if i was going to do what your wanting to do vicious,i would rent a 360,i know its expensive,spray the car with pva,just to get the rough shape,just lay up 2 layers of 3 quarter ounce mat,and this is just to get the rough shape,you couldnt put any glass where there is a negative angle[wheelwells,taillight pockets etc.]dont get resin near the windows,tape up all the seams,pull your fiberglass off the car ,wash the pva off and return the rental car promptly,people used to do this ,but the price to rent an exotic car these days is really expensive.what you would do next is make you a thin set of panels off the molds youve just made,and i would make them thin because they will not be super accurate,roughly fit them to your donor car,add mounting flanges,fill your areas where you didnt get the shape off your rental car[belt moldings,door handle areas etc.]now fit your panels and really slick them out and make a proper set of molds for production.ive never done this but i know someone who has ,its a lot of work ,but if you apply pva properly you will not hurt the paint .i realize this is hard to understand but it can be done.ive also heard of people loaning out exotic cars and letting people copy them,i mean letting them take their time and make nice molds,but ive never been lucky enough to have that happen to me.another option ,i seen a guy on another website that had a cnc cutter[i think thats what its called]and for a pretty reasonable price[under 5 gs] he would supply you with a full size plug,guaranteed to be dimensionally perfect.and theres always the plywood former method,its slow but if you do it right, you can achieve real good results.have you actually asked this person with the 360 if he would let you use it,all he can say is no

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    Re:360 spider kit for sale

    if you really want to do this but without risk to a real car, the
    CNC milling technique would be a good option. get 3d files and
    use the CNC machine to mill out the shape. the process will
    cost around $5.5k + 3D. you can find 3d of a 360 for cheap
    but most models are off on many things since they are not
    meant for replica/production. you get what you pay for.
    i am finishing up work on my murcielago 3d and it's ultra
    accurate (FINALLY). im sure i could do a 360 if needed and
    make it fit whatever glass needed or other details like
    wheelbase. i think it's worth suggesting.

    Professional 3D, web, graphic, architectural, interior, and CAM design at affoardable prices.<br />Any questions: voicemail/fax (323)281-0583<br />sales @

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    Re:360 spider kit for sale

    auto ,how big is your 3d murcielago,is it actual size. every time i go to your website it forbidden.

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    Re:360 spider kit for sale

    what site? lol
    its not up yet, the new version at least.
    the murcielago 3d is to scale if thats what the question is.
    i will be finishing it up this week (i made about 50% of the new
    3d today so about 25% left of the rear)

    you be the judge. obviously i cant guarantee authenticity but
    it fits blueprints perfectly.
    i'm working from 1 official side blueprint, 1 set of decent toy
    blueprints for rough refference, many photos, and the great
    gallardo prints for chassis, interior, and other similar items.

    my site should be done in a few days. im VERY busy right now
    being a full time student, doing work, making this 3d, and
    making my site all at the same time :
    Professional 3D, web, graphic, architectural, interior, and CAM design at affoardable prices.<br />Any questions: voicemail/fax (323)281-0583<br />sales @

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    Re:360 spider kit for sale

    Auto MX, that looks very cool. Do you have use of a cnc? What would you make the full size
    plug out of? Foam?

    Mike D.-I'd be very careful just spraying PVA, and glassing over it. I did this to a custom hood I had
    once, and it softened the paint, but of course it wasn't factory baked on paint. All PVA is, is a wax
    coating, and can be rubbed off very easy also. He basically has to do whatever he can afford. Being careful
    to hurt this car has to be his number one thing to keep in mind. If this cnc idea is what people are doing
    now, or if it can
    be done, that would be the way to go.
    Hudson, NY

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