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Thread: FS (Ebay): A custom Fiero dashboard cover $20

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    FS (Ebay): A custom Fiero dashboard cover $20

    Hey Everyone,
    This is a dashboard cover for a Pontiac Fiero based Ferrari kit car. It is designed to fit perfectly over the stock fiero dash board and has the word ferrari embroidered on it. It was made by Dash Designs.

    Good if your too cheap to install a custom interior - Starting bid $20.00

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    Re:FS (Ebay): A custom Fiero dashboard cover $20

    I think its just a carpet dash cover, they look really cheap!
    I am in Lowell, Indiana<br />Building an 88 Fiero GT with a 93 STS Northstar and 5 speed Getrag. <br />Custom Mr. Mikes interior, Norms fiberglass nose and custom paint.

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