I have an 88 GT CJB t-top parts car for sale. It was hit in the rear, and the rear passenger's side wheel is bent. See:

(I'm working on getting more pics, but my garage is packed and it's raining outside, so it may be a couple days before I can clear a space to get all the photos)

Here's what's bad or missing:
front & rear fascias, front fenders, rocker panels, trunk lid (it's buckled), fastback clip (cracked), 1/4 windows, taillights & harness, ecm, seats, center console, steering wheel, gauges, headlights & doors, front windshield

What's still good:
** Complete T-top assembly with all parts and keys **
V6 engine and auto trans, ran good before I started stripping parts. (like the ECM, I haven't removed anything from the engine or trans).
Interior wiring harness
Steering column/rack
All front suspension and brake components
Rear suspension and brakes. I don't think the cradle has been damaged, but I'm not really sure what I'm looking at underneath...
Exhaust with tips
Power windows, locks and mirrors
Interior and exterior door panels
Dash (has a crack in the top)
Spare tire

This is strictly a parts car - aside from the fact that there's no title and no VIN, I don't think it would be cost effective to try to repair it.

I figure the t-tops, engine and power accessories by themselves are worth $750, so that's what I'm asking. You get all the other components as a bonus... Located near Dallas, TX.