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Thread: F/S 2000 VIPER dashboard

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    F/S 2000 VIPER dashboard

    I have had this for a while and I change my mind about what I was going to do with it so it's up for sale to the best offer.
    This is a real Viper dash, a/c control and radio surround, lower driver's side of dash ( not pictured ) and center armrest.
    The dash is in excellent shape and so is the radio surround
    The armrest has some scuff marks but nothing deep or cut, it could be painted and made to look great.
    The radio surround has both of the window switches.
    The armrest has a leather shiftboot.

    Now here is the great news:
    The Viper dash is 4' 6'' at the widest
    The Fiero dash is 4' 61/4" at the widest
    The size on for the speedo and rpm gauges is 4"
    The size for the aux gauges is 2 1/8"
    This would be perfect for someone who wants to put it on a replica or in a stock Fiero, Just imagine being the first one to have a Viper dash on you car.....

    I know that the replica interiours for 355 go for about 1,200.00 to 1,500.00 and that is in plain fiberglass not covered. I also know that someone spend over 1,000.00 on a Firebird interiour so I am willing to take a reasonable offer.....

    I know the pictures are not that great but I am willing to email better pictures to whoever is serious about it.

    Ps I will be attending the Fiero and Kitcar show in Daytona on Saturday if someone is interested I am willing to take it with me to Daytona.

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    Re:F/S 2000 VIPER dashboard

    what are u willing to take for the dash?

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    Re:F/S 2000 VIPER dashboard

    I am waiting on offers, if you are interested you could PM me an offer.

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