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Thread: Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

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    Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

    Hi kit car friends,
    308 gtb rebody is on auction now. If you are a serious buyer, please follow the auction guidelines. would not sell the car if my father hasn't been ill and needed help with medical funds. Please view the auction and tell your friends. Thank you for looking and God bless.
    sincerely yours,
    Pat Jon Kalsmith

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    Re:Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

    Hi guys,
    I just want to make it clear on the auction. Auction is for the whole car, V8 conversion installed, 308 rebody kit installed, and all the details in the pics w/ description. No reserve and very low starting bid. Please tell your friends about the auction. Good luck on bidding. Thank you and God bless.
    Pat J. K

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    Re:Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

    Just a bit of advice. If you want to get the max coverage you need to also list it under the "replica/kitmakes" on ebay

    and also try

    If I was looking for a 308 replica I would look at those two places first.
    Even the longest journey begins with the first step.

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    Re:Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

    sorry to hear your fathers ill,my mother was recently diagnosed with cancer,she doesnt have much time left.i know it is hard to have a loved one ill

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    Re:Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

    I for one have seen this car in person. And let me tell you. Someones going to be very happy. As this is a very nice car. It would not take much at all to turn it into a show stopper! Heck If I wasn't in the middle of a 3800SC swap and refinishing my body (YES ITS TRUE!!!) I'd sooo be bidding on it for a street screamer. Nothing wrong with having two 308s is there? One for show one for go?
    And don't let the sitting scare you. Heck my baby sat for 5 years and look at her now. one month of repairing frontal damage and Volla shes as good as new!! Its not a bad thing! (motor swap now just because I can..LOL)

    Lets find this car a good home people and help out one of our own!!! Best of luck Pat!

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    Re:Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

    Mike D,
    I am sorry to hear about your mother's illness. We can pray and leave it to the Man above. Miracle happens all the time. My father had cancer once, and that is why today I became a believer in the Lord. Things happen in life for reasons. Sometimes it can change us forever. Let us pray. Everything is in the good hands from above. (beautiful 5one2 panels you have)
    I've taken your consideration and posted the ad in Thank you. Whatever the winning bid comes out to, as long as everyone is happy at the end.
    DJ Draggin,
    Why not have one more 308 On the front clip, any tech support please keep it before midnite. haha, joking Hurry up with that 3800 in your 308. Who knows, maybe the car might end up in you city. She would give your 308 a good competition.
    thanks guys,
    Pat J K.

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    Re:Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

    i looked at it ,it is a good looking car

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    Re:Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

    Thanks Mike D. I wish that the car goes to someone who really appreciates it. She is very close to being on the road.
    One potential who is in OK state came and saw the car an hour ago. He is an older gentleman who has hotrod experience for many years. He thought it was a steal deal and the motor is very strong. I have no doubt in the ride.
    Anyone who is consider bidding or have been bidding, please appreciate the car for what it is, not just because it has a certain things you like. many years of love, time, labor, and money went into it. It will be a good car to the winner.
    Pat J K

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    Re:Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

    Dear Kit Car friends,
    There has been a problem with auction that was going on, and have 7 more days left. I will have a new auction up by tomorrow in I must revised and go over pictures and description before I repost the auction agian. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I will repost the auction thread here as soon as the auction starts. Thank you for your understanding and have a wonderful Easter.
    Pat J K

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    Re:Ferr 308 GTB, V8, 5 speed up for sale...

    I also would like to thank- GT40racer who sent me an email a few days ago on putting ad in Sorry, thought all credits should be given.
    by anychance does anyone know how to relist in ? Since i have to start a new auction agian, but different site.

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