I bought a never-crashed 88 Fiero Formula with the WS6 option to use as the base for my Diablo replica. I'm sure if you're reading this forum you know the benefits of the 88 chassis and WS6 swaybar. I changed direction though, and I have instead built an NAERC replica chassis. The fiero is stripped, pressure-washed, extra tin has been removed, and it rolls. Everything you need for a replica project is included, such as seat rails, wiring harness, window regs, bolts/screws, etc. The 2.8 knocks, and the trans is an auto, but I will throw them in for free if you want them. The chassis is not stretched but I will happily do the stretch to your specifications and save you the trouble (3" or 11"). I can also build you a complete Diablo chassis on top of it if you want. Throw me an offer as-is or let's talk about what work you need me to do. I am qualified to deliver this chassis in any state of construction you want.

Please email me for pics of the car at downeygr @ yahoo dot com. Here is a pic of my replica chassis with OEM Murci wheels to whet your appetite.

The pics are actually a few weeks old and I have the chassis completely assembled nose to tail now.