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Thread: 355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

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    355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

    ive roughly done the math,and determind what i would have to have for a set of these panels.$4100 ,panels only,no mounting hardware or inner fenders,includes a video of how to make the structure to mount the panels[$25 worth of steel]how to lengthen frame and raise rear to make the roofline look so correct.the kit features the hamann taillight panel the 355 front bumper cover for a more modern look,short hood thats ready to accept one of the more authenicc looking windshields.the car also features seperated rockers but they are not inckuded in the kit,they are 14 guage steel bent on a break and intergrated into the car

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    Re: 355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

    disregard the hood on last pic, i just set it up there,didnt have any help.side view

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    Re: 355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

    also hamann taillamp treatment

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    Re: 355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

    if anyones intrested in any of this 512 stufff ,feel free to drop by,845 lakeview drive ,rossville ga. 3071,thats where my shop is located right now[until the rent] comes due] lol phone#l706 8200337,i would be intrestsd in building gliders of this car if anyones intrested,gliders are what big rig truckers call cab and chassis minus motor.i could have a glider ready in 30 days for $9500,chassis lengthened and rear section raised to make roofline correct,all body panels mounted,this includes chassis[striped].i have 2 sets of body panels made up,your welcome to come by my shop and see for yourself.for this price you get no wheels ,drivetrain,just a rolling chassis lengthend and droped correctly with a 512 body fitted to it.i would require a $3500 deposit on it ,i could wait 90 days on the balance

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    Re: 355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

    good luck with that, i hope things go well. i've always loved the TR, and would love to do the same as you are doing, but considering i have no money to offer you, i think its a bit far from reality

    give it some time, im sure some fish will bite. ;D
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    Re: 355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

    where are the fish, im going under fooling with this ready to give up.i cant understand why i have a decent product ,better than some of the big players[ifg,fiero conversions etc.] priced better and cant sell nothing

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    Re: 355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

    its all about exposure. think of it this way..

    how i got into kit cars:

    1. read about race bike>trike conversions
    2. saw a cool trike with a fiberglass body that looked like the front of a diablo
    3. searched around and found IFG. was impressed online.

    now i read all these comments on IFG stuff, and think differently but none the less, if i had money i could very well have bought an IFG body just cuz i went there first. also, someone like who has built quite a few TRs might get alot more attention that you regardless of workmanship or skill.
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    Re: 355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

    put an advertisement on and ebaymotors
    There aren't that many 512 kits being sold anymore but there may be some unfinished kits out there that someone is looking for parts to finish.
    Even the longest journey begins with the first step.

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    Re: 355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

    i might do that,i just kinda started this as a hobby and i never really thought id make any serious money but hell id like to break even.its just an opinion but the 512 is a much better looking car than a 355,and 355s are selling like herion on a new york city streetcorner,i think the 512 even looks better than a hear all this stuff about ferrari going after people but i know a few people that have ferrari stuff for sale all over the net,what do you guys think would happen if i did a full blown website trying to sell this stuff.i really enjoy making panels and assembling the cars,all ive ever did was build wrecks and i hate it,and id like to get into this alot more but i dont want to go broke doing it.

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    Re: 355 hamann hybrid panels for sale

    Hey Mike, I'm still interested....

    I think the biggest problem you will face is that there are many more dreamers than there are do'ers. I'm guilty of it. The biggest problem I face is that I have a family to support before a hobby. Unless the perfect deal comes along there's no way I could afford to start with a 6 or 7K body. I'd rather start from scratch and have something unique. (Not that I see many 355's around here). Probably the best thing you can do is get your name and product around for everyone to see. Staying under the radar is the problem. I don't know how JW does it. I hear his name and company thrown out all over the place. The best way would be patience, but you could starve on patience. The only alternative is advertising. Either way you take a chance. The one thing going for you is that you're producing a car that's been out of production for a few years now. It'd be different if you were doing 360's or one of the newer designs (370?). All I can do is wish you the best of luck. And like I said before, I hope we can do business someday.
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