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Thread: ferrari F-50 clip on ebay

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    ferrari F-50 clip on ebay

    This is the 3rd one this month. Heres the link:
    Yellow Vetter Carrera Gt-boxter based
    White Vetter Murcielago-boxter based
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    Re: ferrari F-50 clip on ebay

    $1500 for the front clip? That is a third of the price for a complete kit that was painted and sold on eBay. Plus the fact that he does not offer shipping would scare me away.
    Looks pretty rough too.
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    Re: ferrari F-50 clip on ebay

    say CHEESE!

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    Re: ferrari F-50 clip on ebay

    Looks like someone is cleaning all the trash out of their shop and putting it on Ebay. I guess if you let enough dust fall on it,
    it wouldn't look so beat up. ???

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