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Thread: Nice set of 18" wheels on Ebay

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    Nice set of 18" wheels on Ebay

    I wish I could buy these but I don't have the $$$$ right now. I know they make these in chrome but I've never seen them painted, they would look kinda cool in white.

    $399 plus $50 for shipping.

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    Re: Nice set of 18" wheels on Ebay

    on a 355, no. that would look nasty in fact. :

    i can see a bunch of situations where it would fit cars, but the challenge -series of ferraris is the only place i could see that happen.
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    Re: Nice set of 18" wheels on Ebay

    Notice how the wording in the auction says "a brand new 18 inch wheel", not "wheels" or "set". This auction might be for one wheel only for $399. I have heard of auctions for "new box PS2" and the winning bidder receives only an empty box that a play station 2 comes in for hundreds of dollars. When they go to dispute it the auction clearly states NEW BOX not NEW IN BOX. Quite the crafty, perfectly legal scam. I always ask several specific questions and save the email responses from the sellers until the transaction is complete without a snag. I could be totally wrong but it may not be that far off either.

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    Re: Nice set of 18" wheels on Ebay

    superstang460, very true, id be careful with this one...good job pointing that out! cuz i didnt see that!

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