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Thread: Europe AD F355

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    Europe AD F355

    How i can buy a Air Dynamics F355 spider in Europe have any dealer ? can you send me the kit ? how i can pay for it and about delivery costs? by the way how i can protect my money ?
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    Re: Europe AD F355

    best thing to do is call John Watson direct on 706-328-3311

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    Re: Europe AD F355

    John has a small down payment and I can put my word out there that John is an honest stand up guy. You would not have to worry about him ripping you off, I PROMISE.

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    Re: Europe AD F355

    As far as dealers or distributor for the AD 355, John Watson is about it, which is good because of eliminating the "middle man". He is the one that makes the kits and he is the one to deliver them.

    John requires a down deposit of $1000 that is refundable and not set in stone incase any plans change. Secured funds such as a certified check or bank transfer would be best. Balance of payment is due upon delivery. His cell phone # is(706)971-4676 and the above # that Trevman listed is Johns shop.
    I know John would do what it takes to get you a kit. Shipping rates may be staggering, but feasible. John does not have any computer or internet access so any and all contact must be via phone at this time. I wish he would just join the 18th century and get a darn computer ;D.

    I can also personally agree with fast Eddie about John's character. You will not leave his shop with your car unless you are satisfied and he always answers the phone to help out verbally. He stands behind his work and that alone is worth the purchase price.

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    Re: Europe AD F355

    Why the heck is this in 'Consumer Opinions' ...

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    Re: Europe AD F355

    it shouldnt be in this section,from what ive seen ad is the most reputable 355 outfit out there

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