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Thread: where can i get a ferrari GTO replica

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    where can i get a ferrari GTO replica

    My next kit I would like is the gto can i get one and where???
    will it be a 63' style anyone please help

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    Re: where can i get a ferrari GTO replica

    theres an alpha on e bay right now in the replica kit makes section

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    Re: where can i get a ferrari GTO replica

    Give Tom Edwards at Scorpion Z Car a call* [url]

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    Re: where can i get a ferrari GTO replica

    good looking car.every time i see one on ebay ,they seem to fetch good money,is there a big demand for them

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    Re: where can i get a ferrari GTO replica

    iv'e allways wanted a 250 gto but the kits in the uk are all gone and the datsun 240 z's are getting very rare or they are covered in rust, i was looking into the thunder ranch kit and the isabella kit but i need to be total confident with the guy before i send money over does anybody know of these guys?

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    Re: where can i get a ferrari GTO replica

    Jeff at Stable Autoworks has been selling the kit for some time now but I think he only does it part time. Tom McBurnie owns Thunder Ranch and has been in the kit car business a long time. It was his Ferrari Daytona that was in the TV series Miami Vice that got Ferrari's attention and subsequent action by their lawyers to shut down Ferrari replicas. Tom can be interesting to deal with.

    As I mentioned above, I would contact Tom at Scorpion Z cars as he seems to be the most active. Also, he is the only one I am aware of that has a trunk kit available which makes his replica a little more realistic looking.

    Yes, be very careful of rust. Z cars have a tendency to rust and you don't want to spend all the time and money to build a GTO kit and have it be a flexible flyer!

    Mike d. I have not tried to sell mine so I do not know what you can really get for one. However, they do seem to sell well on eBay and other kit car classified sites. I appears that the going price depends on how much has been modified. With a V8 and GTO type interior they seem to garner a decent price.

    I have had what I consider legitimate offers around the $35,000 range. I had one guy who saw it at the Woodward Dream Cruise that has, over time, made four offers and increased the offer each time. I have it insured with Hagerty for $35,000 so I guess you might say that is what I consider the car to be worth. However, in the end, it is only worth what you actually sell it for.

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