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Thread: Countach Roadster and chassis- unfinished

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    Countach Roadster and chassis- unfinished

    This item is on ebay currently.* Starting price is $1200.00.* Lot's of accessory goodies were added that I found in the trunk while cleaning it out.* Take a look at the ebay page:

    Here's a computer edit of what I was going towards for the roadster look.

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    Re: Countach and chassis- unfinished

    For those that may be wondering what the Heck I was trying to do with the roadster top, here's a rough edit of what I was starting with. I'd move the air vents up to match the edge of the main support, and fill behind it. Then make a FRP cutout that covered everything that would show through to the engine compartment, and cut the cross bar that went across the rear decklid.

    Below is a start at what I wanted the side piece to look like. The rear quarter glass would be eliminated. I still wanted some kind of box of something, but I hadn't editted one in yet, or figured out a good design/position for it.

    I thought that this would give it a more factory roadster look, (I know there wasn't any made) instead of cutting it across in front of the rear quarter glass. That looks cool, but it does have the "I cut the top off" look. Anyway, that's what I planned, but the top could still be fabricated using the metal frames as reference if desired.


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    Re: Countach Roadster and chassis- unfinished

    I updated some info and images. Feel free to offer any amount!

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    Re: Countach Roadster and chassis- unfinished

    Sold! Thanks for looking!

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