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Thread: REPLICA Ferrari Merchandise

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    REPLICA Ferrari Merchandise

    I would just like to throw out an idea...

    I am in the custom embroidery business...I can make and sell anything that you guys offs included...

    if you guys are interested in saving money but not having officially lic. stuff let me know...

    p.s. I am not licensed to reproduce any registered trademark or logo for PROFIT...but i may be able to GIVE them away....but shipping might be a little on the pricey side

    we can work out details...


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    Re: REPLICA Ferrari Merchandise


    I may be interested in something like that, as well as some other items for a couple of my other business ventures. If you have any sort of pricing, items available, and photos you can send me I'd appreciate it...

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    Re: REPLICA Ferrari Merchandise

    Eric thats a great idea. how about a nice KitCar.Ca shirt, but even just a replica one i would love.


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