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Thread: sorry SOLD

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    sorry SOLD

    Florida.* Would like to sell the larger items first

    email me with what you want from the car.* Body unkown, front rear clip type.* ready for prep.* Engine only needs the harnesses married and tranny is the orig. 4 sp muncie has the pulley mod done.* clutch new.* Ansa exaust new, $16K receipts come with car.* I will sell the whole kit and kaboodle less the lights/grill/emblems/mats for $6000!!!

    "I started by getting rid of the 2.8 engine that was on the 1985 Fiero. It was fast, but not enough. I then had the Fiero chassis profesionally strecthed to meet the correct wheel base of this particular replica. The transmition was complete overhauled and a 2001* 3.8 supercharged engine from a GTP with 16 000 miles* was installed. I use all custom build proffesional installed urethane motor mounts and dogbone. Urethane is a most since this engine will produce close to 300 hp with the smaller pulley on the blower. Engine is coupled to the trany via a brand new high performance dual friction Centerforce clutch, pressure plate and bearing, a must in order to handle this kind of power.

    Once the power plant was completelly installed I took all of the suspention components out. They were sadblasted and painted black. Urethane bushing were used on all pivot points of the suspention coupled with high performance shocks front and rear. In addtion custom racing 1" rear sway bar was added. All four brake calippers were rebuilt, sadblasted and painted with epoxy brake caliper red paint. The next step was install all 4 new crossdrilled and cad plated rotors to avoid corrosion. The end product is a super fast car with a handling caracteristics to exeded the most demanding drivers.

    The body is made of fiberglass and is already installed using high strengh epoxy, bolts and fiber resin. Additional metal support was added around the body to avoid any rattle. Hood and rear engine hatch is mounted and just need alignement. Gas spout is already mounted with electric opener. Rear engine hatch it's also electric. The car has working power windows, working power door locks, tilt steering, power brakes, cruise control and AC.Also included is the interior original style dash, instrument pod, and center console, they are ready to be upholstered. Fiero Harness and the new engine harness is included, need to be installed."

    -previous seller

    I'm trying to help the seller out because I have decided not to undertake this secondary project.

    we can discuss prices.* I was going to do a convertible for my son but hes been a bad boy (dont even ask) car.*

    cant upload so ask for pics package

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    Re: plan on doing a convertible F355? everthing available from this car (locate

    Let me see if I understand this.* You win the eBay auction for this kit* [url] ADME:B:BN:MT:1

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    Re: plan on doing a convertible F355? everthing available from this car (locate

    What is your problem sir?

    You seem to have something derogatory to say about every post I place...could your penis actually be that short that you get your self esteem by hoping to be the most knowledgable guy out there with a $10K car that looks like $14,000,000?* Kit car snobbery?* You should be a little more humble owning a modified Datsun/Fiero/MR2 like everyone else out there with a kit.

    A real Ferrari 250 owner must have giggled at your Z-car and you've been waiting on a potential victim yourself to give your life worth. I am not the one, sir.

    Why are you so concerned about what I do anyways?* With all respect, I would be very dissapointed in seeing my dad, or any 59 year old male for that matter, behaiving as if their only 15, sir. I'd also hope that theres more to your life than to follow my posts around and put in your silly commmentary. Please refrain from doing so in the future as I would hate to think that you've got nothing better to do with the golden part of your life. Enter the twilight of your life with a bit more meaning.

    If you have any questions about my integrity or intentions why don't you just be a man about and email me and ask.* Better yet be man enough to call me at home 510 432 0500 and talk to me in person.* I'd happen to respect you a little more if you confronted your irritations up close.* My name is Pete Gregory and if I dont hear from you I'll assume that your courage is derived by you safely sitting behind your monitor.* I have no bone to pick with you and I'll assume this will end yours with me.

    I'd also hope that theres more to your life than to follow my posts around and put in your silly commmentary.* Please refrain from doing so in the future as I would hate to feel like I cant take advantage of this forum as you are.

    (on topic) The car is an absolute steal for anyone doing a convertible.* The car had $16K in recepits alone and I paid $6.2K as you can see kept a few parts for my coupe I needed.* I decided against doing a convertible and thought I'd pass the savings on to someone else who may want a spider at a $1.3K LOSS to me after transport ($800).* I thought I'd offer on here AT THE LOSS first because it was such a good deal and I wanted a fellow member to benefit.* Am I really explaining this to him?

    And just to have a bored 59 year old man bash my ebay record (350+-) as spotty and question my motives?* *And the fact is that the car just sold recently is proof of that sir.

    I only hope when I am 59 I'll be on a boat sportfishing listening to jazz and not on the internet giggling about an anonymous bash I wrote hoping that the fellas will think I'm cool.

    You want to be an internet bully?* Thats lower on the courage scale than the guy that gives you the finger from the safety of his car in traffic.

    So call me sometime*because I honestly never even noticed you existed on here but now that you've forced me to awknowledge you, I only hope I've allowed you the opportunity to get to know me just a bit better.

    Good day, sir.*

    Pete Gregory

    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedRacer
    If you mean that the pedals are mounted on the floor (ground??? ???) they are not.* They are hanging from the firewall/steering column bracket just like most other cars are today.*

    How about showing us some pictures of what you have in the way of a donor car and/or parts of your kit.*
    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedRacer
    So the guy that's worried about the exact position of the Cavallino Rampante on the gauges buys a non-stretch, integrated rocker panel, unfinished kit that will never look like the real thing that he wants so hard to fool everyone with.* *:*

    I guess the Fiero you have at the shop that is currently being stretched is up for sale - how much is done and what’s the price?*

    Good luck!*
    [quote=SpeedRacer ]
    You don't have to own a Ferrari to know the answer - look it up.* You could also go here* [url]

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