I have some great sounding 4" X 10" speakers I am selling, I had these for a short time a while back and I sold out of them as they came in. This time I stocked up, and if I do sell out they can be shipped to me within a few days. So if anyone is looking for some great 3 way Fiero dash speakers look at this:

Deliver 150 Watts per speaker
Foam-edged 4" x 10" woofer with 50-oz. magnet, 2" mid-range, 1" tweeter, 4-ohm impedance. Frequency response: 80-16,000 Hz. Mount flush in rear deck. Include wire mesh grilles, wire, mounting hardware, instructions. Sold in pairs for $60.00 plus shipping

I also have the 6 1/2" sub sets, #2 sub woofers, #2 cross overs, and #2 tweeters for $200 plus shipping and the subs have been able to be mounted behind the seats with the cross overs and most mount the tweeters near the ECM "upper center console".