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Thread: 355 body and interior for sale

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    355 body and interior for sale

    Pauls Exotic 355 coupe body for sale with interior kit. These sold for around $5000 new. Needs alot of work in my opinion. Priced at $2000 with the interior pieces.

    Thanks for looking....

    Email prefered or phone calls.

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    Re: 355 body and interior for sale

    Can you supply pictures of the interior as well as the side view? That is the exact same coupe body that I have too. Rough, but for $2000 with interior, you cannot beat that folks.

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    Re: 355 body and interior for sale

    here is a pic i have of it when i was thinking about getting this from the
    original owner back in feb.

    i believe the interior is all there.

    i should of bought it when i had the chance but i pass on it cause i wanted
    an AD355 or Mirage and didn't think i could sell it cause i really wanted
    the donor car.


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    Re: 355 body and interior for sale

    Thanks Tom for the extra pic. I forgot I even have that one for some reason. I think you emailed it to me one time.

    The interior? I have no clue if it is all there.

    I see 2 door panels
    Long center console piece
    vent piece goes behind dash
    alot of small pieces....

    I have no desire to attach this to the chassis it is on, I purchased it all for the purpose of getting the 88 chassis it sits on.

    Oh, there are lots more pics on the website, but heres some more pics anyway. > > >


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    Re: 355 body and interior for sale

    Crap* . Thats who made my kit. The body lines everything is the same. The reason the front bumper is not down is because I made inside brackets to lift it. Oh man oh man do I feel sorry for the sucker who gets stuck with that kit.

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    Re: 355 body and interior for sale

    So Gerard T, who made your Kit? Is it Pauls?

    Thanks for adding the pic... Looks great as a convertiable. I have added this to my website if that is ok with you?

    I have added more pics of these body parts on my website.


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    Re: 355 body and interior for sale

    I bought the kit on Ebay. As for me knowing for sure if it is a Paul's Exotics that I really don't know. I am going by the way the body lines are set up and the way the rear bumper curves up on the drives side and also how the front front bumper slopes. Knowing what I know now, to build that particular body would be easier. To complete the exterior with what I know will probably take 280 hours. But for someone doing it for the first time boy I am already starting to feel bad. It is really not that bad of a kit, it just take A LOT OF WORK. If you would like to post my pics that is OK with me.

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    Re: 355 body and interior for sale

    Regardless of who made the kits, most of the ones like that are all splashes of (splashes of splashes of) IFG cars.      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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