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Thread: Ferrari 288 GTO Replica

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    Ferrari 288 GTO Replica

    For sale a 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO replica (I believe is one of the Alden Thomas kit) built on a 1985 Fiero SE 2.8L v6 with auto transmission and only 68K miles. It has A/C, PW, PD, Alarm, AMPs, CD Changer, Cassette, etc... (the sound system needs work). I bought this car about 2 1/2 months ago and I am selling it because that's the way I am (Larry should know). And not, my wife is still with me. However, this time I have finally drove a finished kit car and got it out of my system after several attempts to complete a kitcar - started with the 25th anniversary (which was purchase by Larrybud), koenig TR (sold to a guy in Seattle), and the F355 spyder (sold to another guy from seattle - friend of the guy who bought the koenig TR). Well, I believe I purchased the car pretty cheap ($4,900). So, I will pass on the saving on the car, but I will have to charge for additional accessories that I purchased during the last two months: racing pedals, new shift knob, wheels (Acura NSX - 15" front, 16" rear), hubcentric wheel adaptors (2" front, 3.5" rear), new set of side fender emblems, and other miscellaneous. Here are the pictures... I am waiting for the wheel adaptors so I was not able to mount them. But I think it will look good with the Acura NSX wheels - See pictures of the wheel....The bottom line price is $5,500.

    I tried to upload the file (JPG) and it is telling me that is not a supported file format.. so go to the following site for photos:

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    Re: Ferrari 288 GTO Replica

    Where are you located? I might be interested.

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    Re: Ferrari 288 GTO Replica

    Corona, California (Approximately 40 miles east of Los Angeles)


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    Re: Ferrari 288 GTO Replica

    Wish I hadn't just bought another low mile Fiero GT... This does look like an Alden Thomas. And I'm close enough to come pick it up too if I wasn't already stretched thin on Fieros...      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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