I have two fieros for sale, and they are located in Hudson NY, about 30 miles south of Albany. The 1985 is a parts car. It has a complete V6 drivetrain(the engine knocks). Most of the GT ground effects are off. Otherwise it's complete, but has a salvage title, so it's a parts car. It also has rust. Just call me for any other details. Asking 250, make an offer.
The 1988 formula is black, and has about 74,000 miles. It's a 5 speed. Gray interior. Needs a few little odds and ends, overall, it's a nice car. My buddy bought it about 3 years ago with 42K miles, and drove it during the summers. He had the front rebuilt, put in some new parts, as it needed it. I just bought it from him, but then found another one I liked. $2500. If your interested in either car, give me a call. 518-755-5789---bob