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Thread: Testarossa Replica for sale

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    Testarossa Replica for sale

    Beautiful Ferrari Testarossa Replica!

    Professionally installed and painted Replica Testarossa 98% completed. These kits are getting hard to find!

    Built on a 1985 SE with 2.8 v6, power windows/doors/breaks, AC, Cruise, recently registered and smogged. Beautiful Ferrari Red paint job (High end Chroma paint). Includes OEM Ferrari lights and Grill in front, AutoDesign Replica interior kit with VDO gauges, Held Motorsports tubular coil over front suspension kit, and replica compomotive 3 piece wheels. Over $25,000 invested so far.

    What's left to do?

    - Paint and Install side fins
    - Fabricate headlight hinges and install (template included)
    - Upholster and install replica interior
    - Fabricate, paint, and install grill over engine compartment

    Price: $18,000 OBO


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    Re: Testarossa Replica for sale

    Too bad you don't want to finish that car. It looks like a nice job so far. Maybe you need to kick back for a few weeks and think about it. We would like to see you at Daytona next year with something like that one.

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