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Thread: FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

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    FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

    I bought these wheels as part of a package deal and have no need for them. The rear wheels are 17x11 and the front are 17x9. All wheels are 5x4.75 bolt pattern. They have had tires mounted on them but look brand new! Corvette center caps are included. These are five spoke wheels like so many of us want for our 355 kits.

    I would rather sell these to someone that can pick them up than have to deal with shipping them. I would ship them if someone out of state really wanted them. Price is $400 not including shipping.      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re: FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

    thats a real bargain,i wish i had some damn money.if your intrested in trading for some older model corvette parts [68-82] or anything related to 512 replica parts let me know,i never have any money when a bargain hits.i live about 20 mins. from john just inside ga.i think you said you had a house ariund here somewhere if i remember,i cant live without those wheels,ive been wanting a set of them ever since the c5 came out.they are just right for my car,keep me posted on them,id like to figure out a way to get them,i have a set of 94 vette wheels on my car now but theyre 9.5s all the way around and i like the wheels but i want some that are wider on the back than the front,and i think your wheels are a little more european looking.anyway if you can think of anything youd be intrested in let me know

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    Re: FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

    Hey Mike...

    I appreciate the interest but I am fresh out of Corvettes right now... Wish I could help you out. I know how it is when you want something. It doesn't look like anyone else here is interested in the wheels so start saving up! They'll probably be here when you get enough saved...

    Dale      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re: FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

    ok,i will.i love em.cant wait to get them.

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    Re: FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

    im halfway there as of today,ill have the rest the second week of oct.,let me know if someone else buys them

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    Re: FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

    No one has spoken up yet, Mike... If you want them and end up getting them we'll figure something out, but shipping will be a pain in the butt! These are some big wheels. Do you know of any inexpensive, yet secure, way of shipping them?      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re: FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

    no, but ill work on it.

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    Re: FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

    It might cost more or less, but you might do like John did when he shipped the 355 dash molds to me he mailed them separate in four different boxes. Just my shipping .2 cents worth. also if you do not know this I will tell you if you do then donít read it but if you go to you can order shipping boxes and tape for free as long as you agree to use it for there intent. hope this helps someone.

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    Re: FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

    UPS really isn't that expensive for the wheels, because they're pretty light. When I bought four GTA wheels for my Formula, I think shipping for all for (4 boxes) was $50.00.
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    Re: FS: ZR-1 Corvette wheels

    How will these fit on a Fiero? I wouldn't be worried about the rear wheels because the adaptors most guys use should push it out far enough but what about the fronts? Would a 9" wide wheel with a 2" adaptor be able to turn and not rub the fender anywhere during it's full range of movement? What is the widest wheel that can be safely used on a Fiero with a 355 kit? I ran 7.5" wide wheels on the front of the Artero I built and had to go with pretty narrow tires so they wouldn't rub the fenders when going over bumps. Does anyone have any experience with this? I like the wide rear wheels but would be worried about the fronts.
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