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Thread: Wide Wheels???

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    Wide Wheels???

    Had a quick question... I know everyone uses either wide track suspension, or just extremely wide wheels to get that widebody effect. Where do you buy you wheels that fit the fiero pattern? ???

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    Re: Wide Wheels???

    :-\* Not sure what car you are asking for? I got my Countach replicas from this guy.* [url]

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    Re: Wide Wheels???

    First off...

    Just buying wider wheels will not actually give you a wider track. Most wider wheels go IN toward the chassis more than away from it. In that case, you'll end up tight against your suspension and not be able to roll the car let alone get the wheel IN there.

    Most people forgo even the wide track and just use wheels spacers, which is a poor decision in my opinion, in terms of safety. Despite the fact that others will say they've driven X number of miles with no issues, I can tell you many a story of bearing failures that result in at least the bering being replaced but more often than not, CARS being replaced.

    Wider wheels also present the same issues as using wheels spacers... bearing loads.

    The bearings were designed to bear the weight and stresses of the chassis equally on them. You start adding wider wheels with massive offsets to keep the wheel away from the suspension and you load up one side of the bearings and cause them to fail. Using spacers loads the other side and causes failure.

    The CORRECT method, which works in favor of your SECOND question, is to use a combination of BOTH.

    Wider wheels will have a different offset. Providing that it is MORE than the stock Fiero wheels, you can use a Spacer/ADAPTER to make up the difference and bring the bearing loads back to center AND adapt the new bolt pattern.

    Of course, that assumes you are also using a wide track to make up the rest of the distance to the fender edge.

    It's the good, better, best way to go... and definately the safest.

    DKOV -

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    Re: Wide Wheels???

    Perhaps I was in too much of a rush explaining what I'm after since I already posted this on the fiero forum.

    I have a 88' Formula with a 3800SCII in it... I am building a custom body for it (leaving the fiero chassis in stock form, no alterations)
    I'm basically making my own Plasma aka. Piranha with the changes i feel look better. The rear wheels need to stick out from stock 2-3", not 4-8" like most widetrack kits (which isnt an option since i own an 88 and the widetrack are for 84-87s) I believe all I need is wider rims with a different offset since it isnt as large of a change as most ferrari/lambo kits require.

    I'm just having a tough time finding wide wheels with the fiero bolt pattern that arent $500-$1500 each
    17 x 7 in front and say 18 x 9/10 in back

    BTW... What ever happened to the CF t-top Headliners DKOV? ???

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    Re: Wide Wheels???

    I did the same thing on my 355. Instead of using a +4" widetrack on both sides I used the stock track width and added width to the outside of my wheels. I had to get a wheel adapter though because my ferrari wheels were different than the fiero pattern.

    If the link above does not work, search for 335/30/18's on 18x12.5 rims to find pics of my wheels.

    Notice how the wheels width was added outward and the stock track width was unaltered while bringing the sidewalls flush with the body. I believe that is what you are attempting to do.
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    Re: Wide Wheels???

    I just checked out the link Bob, the tires and wheels look awesome! I used a 10.5" rear wheel and a 8" in the front
    315/35/17 R 235/40/17 F. I had to use a +2" spacer on the rear to put it out just a touch and to change the bolt pattern.
    3/4" on the front. It turned out really nice

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    Re: Wide Wheels???

    what kind of offsets do I need to fit an 18x10 on the rears?* I have stock suspension and not coilovers.

    Also, where do you get the bolt pattern adapters/spacers? Are they actually safe? to the extent that I could autocross with them?

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    Re: Wide Wheels???

    Just for reference... there are wide track suspension parts available for 88s. I know Held had them even though they are not listed on the website. Send Lee an e-mail for more info. I know that some others are working on 88 wide track systems as well. By the way, my kit is being built on a Formula as well, and will eventually be equipped with wide track.      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re: Wide Wheels???

    Hi all
    I am a newbie
    I know its been awhile since this topic started but, I was wondering what model wheel were used I am looking to achieve that wide widths especially on the rear, wide outer lip and possible 2" spacer, I think similar to David's.
    I have an 85 fiero-355 kit on stock track rear coilovers and possibly front too. Some pics will be great


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    Re: Wide Wheels???

    I used a aftermarket mustang cobra R wheel.. This was the only wheel I found at the time that would fit well. I made Ferrari center caps to fit in the 2.25" centers.. Its a wide wheel with the offset i wanted.
    If you want pics I'll try to dig some up and email them.

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