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Thread: Another F355 Kit Seller

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    Another F355 Kit Seller

    I found this guy Mike Packer *???on eBay, and he claims that he has the mold for 355 spyder Kit. and lots related stuff.
    Here is the link:

    I have finally decided to make amove to get some body parts from him....BU,T second thought....I would like to hear any voice about this guy .....just don't feel secure enough....

    I am located in Taiwan, same as Mr. Golden...
    Don't wanna ended up as the same mess. So, hopefully ....hear some positive feedback from you guys.

    But if he is real, that we will good for all of us. I really think his price is very fair... unless...

    BTW, he hot another personal web:

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    Re: Another F355 Kit Seller

    I donít know how much this has been said but in my opinion and I could say the other 95% of the people on here will tell you the AD is the best out there and John is a great guy and will not rip you off. You cannot go wrong with him to me the piece of mind is worth the extra cost. I know how hard it is to build one of these and I could not image the difficult factor of other kits.

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    Re: Another F355 Kit Seller

    a.d is the onnly way to go.i dont know how much cheaper this other guy is ,but i probably wouldnt take the risk

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    Re: Another F355 Kit Seller

    ??? I have bought a few Ferrari type things from this Mike Parker off of ebay. I believe he is honest. I haven't gotten any fiberglass parts from him, but did buy a grille, some script, etc. The grille is well put together, but does not have the curve built into it. He was having a problem from a bad spider bite, so shipping was slow, but I got all my items. I guess if you do order from him, be prepared to wait a while to receive it. He also sells Ferrari emblems, etc.

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    Re: Another F355 Kit Seller

    Mike is full of Sh*t i would bet money he did not have a spider bite. He fills everyone up with lies about why you dont have your items yet. He told me my first girll was lost in the mail but because he was a nice guy he sent me another for free. Everyone that has delt with him says the same thing look at his feedback. If you buy be prepared to wait forever!! It took me over two months to get my grill.* >

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    Re: Another F355 Kit Seller

    You probably know better than me. I have only dealt with him this one time and like I said, it took a while to get the stuff. I just took him at his word about the spider bite. It took a month to get it from the time the auction closed and I prodded him that I was going to file a claim with Pay Pal. But, like I said, I eventually got everything. :

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    Re: Another F355 Kit Seller

    For $5,000.00. Save the other $1,500.00 and get an AD. With all the modifications taht will need to be made and all the fiberglass that will be bought to make mounting brackets you will be will over $10,000.00 with that kit. Get an AD, it will only take a weekend to put together. Hell, all you have to do is sand with 300 grit, primer sand to 1200 grit, paint, color sand and wala you are done. Except for engine mods and interior, lights and emblems, and rims and tires. But either way an AD is the best and the easiest. John may be backed up on delivering his kits but his kit is so good that so many people want them that he is backed up. Just trust me it is worth the wait and the extra money.

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    Re: Another F355 Kit Seller

    No offense guys, I know everyone says the AD355 is the best kit out there in terms of quality and ease of build. But if it was so easy to build, why don't we see any finished kits around. Most of the AD355's being built by members of this board have been "in-process" for a awhile or have had to go through many other mods by the builder.

    In a separate thread, I requested for photos of a completed/road going AD355's...nobody responded. Either nobody wanted to post pics of their finished cars or not that many AD355's have actually been completed. Yes, there are plenty of pictures around but all are in the build process.

    I plan to build a 355 in the future and the AD355 is also my first choice...but I was hoping to see photos of a fully trimmed finished kit (with complete paint, emblems, lights, side mirrors, grill, soft top, etc.) and compare it with a real car to see how authentic it really looks.

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    Re: Another F355 Kit Seller

    Is it just me or the cuts in the door panel dont look right?? ???

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    Re: Another F355 Kit Seller

    I'm not sure...but the door scopes on the AD355 appear to be shaped a little differently. I don't know if the size is correct...but they also look shallower than the real thing.

    That's why I've wanted to see pictures of a finished see if despite little nuances here and there, the "whole package" still comes together as very authentic and can be mistaken for the real thing.

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