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Thread: Nice 355 Replica on Ebay,

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    Nice 355 Replica on Ebay,

    Check out the orginal 348 wheels.

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    Re: Nice 355 Replica on Ebay,

    In my opinion 348 wheels look wrong and date the car, also $30,000 starting bid with reserve not met!! At that point save up a little and buy the real car!! I've seen REAL 355's selling in the mid-50's. :- ???

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    Re: Nice 355 Replica on Ebay,

    Is it me or is that a typo about the 17" brake upgrade. I think that would be hard to pull off considering the 348 wheels are 17". ;D

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    Re: Nice 355 Replica on Ebay,

    I have never seen a person go so far as to put in a replica 355 interior and not do the gauges. Wierd.

    But not a bad car, I will bet anything if he advertiises it long enough, someone will buy it from him at his price.

    I like the OEM 348 wheels as opposed to replica wheels,they are cheap, I think thats a great idea. same money and to be able to have staggered + the selling point of saying "OEM Wheels"....very smarrt.

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    Re: Nice 355 Replica on Ebay,

    The air intakes on the doors look too tiny. I find that's the spot that kills the illusion on the majority of kits, and probably why I find the later gen MR2 kits alot more convincing than the Fiero kits. The real ones flare out more and aren't as shallow, if that makes any sense. It's pretty nice, and it's evident alot of work went into it, with the fit and finish. Still not worth the asking price though. For that much money I'd at least expect it to be a V8.

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