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Thread: 308/328 tail lights

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    308/328 tail lights

    About a year ago I posted that I may be able to buy the original Mera tail light molds. That had been on hold but I have made progress again on this. I think I will no matter what. But I do not see much demand for 308 and 328 tail light lenses for kits anymore. A few for Aldinos maybe? Any other kits use the same tail lights?

    Thank you
    Rodney Dickman

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    Re: 308/328 tail lights

    Rodney, maybe you can sell them to the Fiero owners who do "Eurotail" conversion?

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    Re: 308/328 tail lights

    is this for lenses; ie the OUTER part only; or for entire light assemblies?
    (I don't know what came on the MERA....)

    I needed a full set for mine and ended up buying complete original equipt stuff for a 308. Not what I was planning on but my options were limited.
    If you are talking about the outer lens only I expect that WOULD generate interest; that is the part that takes the wear and tear and gets faded, stone chipped etc etc.

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