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Thread: Brand New Long Block 3.4 DOHC Crate Motors $650 + Shipping

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    Brand New Long Block 3.4 DOHC Crate Motors $650 + Shipping

    * Ok - I am buying a brand new 3.4 DOHC 94-95 Crate Engine for my Feiro from where I work. The engine will cost me $650 which I am sure I can't beat. I told my boss about them being used in Feiro's and he said I could offer them to the others here. This is a discontinued engine from GM now and a last chance of getting a factory new 94-95 3.4 V6 DOHC. There are only two left for sale at Ron Tonkin Chevrolet's cost of $650 plus you pay for the shipping. We also have available a few 96-97 3.4 DOHC Crate Engines.

    These are brand new Long Block Crate Motors

    * If there is any interest in these post here please or call me. I have posted this in a couple of other areas here, being not sure where you all would see it.


    Contact: Allen @ 800-460-5328 Parts Dept.

    Ron Tonkin Chevrolet Dealership
    Portland, Ore.

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    Re: Brand New Long Block 3.4 DOHC Crate Motors $650 + Shipping

    I will take one. I live in Portland, so I would do the local pickup thing.

    Please contact me via e-mail to set up or I can call you on Monday.


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    Re: Brand New Long Block 3.4 DOHC Crate Motors $650 + Shipping

    That sound good Brent. I just sent you an e-mail.


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    Re: Brand New Long Block 3.4 DOHC Crate Motors $650 + Shipping

    How much for the 96-97s??

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    Re: Brand New Long Block 3.4 DOHC Crate Motors $650 + Shipping

    * * * Either Long Blocks are to be sold for $650 plus shipping. I was going to get the 96-97 long block for my build, but from all of the research I have done recently I found the 94-95 version sounds like it will take a little less work to install.

    * Cheers*

    * This is the link here that convinced me to go with the 94-95 3.4 DOHC *

    I found it! With the 94-95 3.4 engine you can use two front exhaust manifolds. That way you can still run your exhaust the in the stock locations on the Feiro.

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    Re: Brand New Long Block 3.4 DOHC Crate Motors $650 + Shipping

    * Ok guys here is a little more info - What GM does for the larger parts buying dealerships is for the last couple of years send a list of motors they are discontinuing. I didn't bring the list home with me, but I know that there were also many different years of 4.3 long blocks on there as well as many other motors at super prices. I would be happy to go over the list for you if you call me Monday through Wednesday next week after 9:am West coat time. These are brand new crate engines that my parts department will sell at a small mark up, with well over a thousand dollars in savings most of the time for you. I believe the 3.4 DOHC went for over 3 grand, so you can see what I meen about a super buy. You would be buying from Ron Tonkin Chevrolet not me, It is a reputable buisness that I have been a parts man for over 18 years. I just want to stress this is a one chance deal this year and I hope to put the order in next Wednesday. Check out the link below to learn more about the Dealership I work for.

    * BTW, I just wanted to get as much info as possible to you so that I don't get people asking for these after next week. I will post pictures of the shipment when it arrives. I will be buying two of the 94-95 3.4's for myself as I believe someone will be hitting me up for it after I post the pictures.

    * Cheers

    Look me up here to check my stats >;f=17

    * * * * * * * *

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    Re: Brand New Long Block 3.4 DOHC Crate Motors $650 + Shipping

    I talked to my boss and we decided to order the motors today since we only have one local person interested. The order will go in on only paid orders, this order will go in at 12:AM today.

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