i'm saling a3800 s/c out of 97 grand prix with 60k miles on it, i bought this engine out e bay, since i was not ready for it at the moment i recived, i just put it away without check on it, figuring i better let it all wrap until the time come, well now i was ready for it, went for it and find out the super charger is missin, call the sale person and he tell it was nothing he can do, since it has being a year of my purchases (i totaly understand, my fault, sure check it back then), on my search for the missin part came acrros of a completed engine, which i bought, so now i have that other one for sale, it has:
fly well, p/s pump, whater pump,coils pkgs, intake, tensor pouling, all the brakers for the rest of assery, every thing but alt and a/c comp, i don't have use for it so make me a ofert, the engine stiil on the cray the way it came and ready for delivery, i have all the recive and paper for it, it came from LKQ mid america, like i say i'm open to a reasanoble ofert.
thanks for looking.