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Thread: 1988 Coupe 5spd 3.8 Supercharged

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    1988 Coupe 5spd 3.8 Supercharged

    Hi, the Fiero im selling is from Kankakee, Illinois.

    The car has a complete 3.8 swap, with cold air intake, the engine is from a 96 bonneville, ecm also. Swap wasnt done by me but someone very knowledgeable in doing them, wiring was also done by him. The ECM is located in the rear trunk. The transmission is the 5 spd Izuzu and holds up very well, Archie has used alot of them. Engine runs great, aprox. 67k on it, engine had 60k when transplanted. The car has a red/black interior, and only needs a small amount of paint to finish it, it has custom made leather seat covers that are getting a little worn, also custom center console with 8inch square subwoofer and two cup holders that is very professionaly made and leather. Most components are new (radiator, battery, alternator, headlight motors) Exterior paint is faded, clearcoat came off, has the so called coupe paint and needs to be repainted, there are minor dings in front and rear fascia which can be easily repaired. The suspension is still very tight but is stock, it has z24 rear calipers and all new brakes. I just recently had a custom exhaust installed which costed 500$ also had a new hi-flo cat.

    I am selling this car for 4,000$ email me at or call me at 815-671-7590

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    Re: 1988 Coupe 5spd 3.8 Supercharged

    Close to my neck of the woods, hello from Champaign!

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    Re: 1988 Coupe 5spd 3.8 Supercharged

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    Re: 1988 Coupe 5spd 3.8 Supercharged

    So, where is the car?

    Is it in Canada, the USA? You mentioned where it was from, but where is it now?

    As we are on a Canadian KitCar forum, is the $4k Canadian?
    Cheers,<br /><br />Ron Davies<br /><br />

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