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Thread: Proline Diablo Chassis for sale

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    Proline Diablo Chassis for sale

    Hey Guys, I have a Proline Chassis that will be done and ready for delivery in about a week. It is made for the D&R roadster body.Should fit any of the major Diablo replicas, but may need a little modification.
    It is setup for any early SBC (pre LS1) with an Audi 5000. $8000
    Chassis is sold bare, but I also have all the other stuff to complete it (fuel cells, suspension, AC, brakes)etc. For more info please call me at the shop. 702-644-3584 read more about the chassis at
    Thanks, Mike
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    Re: Proline Diablo Chassis for sale

    thats a nice piece mikeo

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    Re: Proline Diablo Chassis for sale

    Thanks, Mike. ;D We've put our heart and soul into developing it for the better part of a year. We've actually got it so the wheelbase can be moved around a bit. Std is a 10.5" stretch, but it can be made longer or shorter. I'm working on a project for a guy now with a newer model Lambo. Should be cool when done. 8)

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