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Thread: Canadian kits diablo or 355

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    Canadian kits diablo or 355

    I'm lookiing into a replica as my next car. But I am having a hard time finding any in Canada. I am interested in either the MR2 to 355 kit or a diablo roadster.
    does anyone here know where I could look to find one?
    Also I have no problems with importing but I want to make sure that its good quality so some references would be nice.

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    Re: Canadian kits diablo or 355

    For Diablo kits, there is a guy in Saskatchewan. I think.

    There is another fellow out in Vancouver area but I don't have his address.

    For 355 kits, the AD 355 is the best that we have seen here and that is from John Watson in Georgia. It fits on a Fiero though and you would need to import.

    check out Powerhouse's web site as well as I think he has a 355 rebody on an mr2.

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    Re: Canadian kits diablo or 355

    In light of recent posts, I am not currently recommending any MR2 clones for the time being.
    I do know of another potential source for MR2 based kits and will share the details once I have all the information.

    The 355's I promote on my site are John Watsons AD355.. Bar none one of the very best in the industry. If not...THE BEST.
    His service and business reputation is pure Platnium.

    I imagine with some skill and talent the AD355 could be fitted to an MR2 as the kit is pretty much the closest thing to an OEM Ferrari body kit around.
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