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Thread: fiero factory 355

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    fiero factory 355

    if any one wants an easy to build 355 on thier fiero look at this link. iam not selling this but i have built on of these kits heres my build site

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    Re: fiero factory 355

    That doesn't look half bad, not enought to fool Ferrari people or replica people, but would fool many others.

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    Re: fiero factory 355

    Looks good,


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    Re: fiero factory 355

    He says $650 to ship the kit.. but what is that.. pounds? Euro? And what does that convert to canadian dolars? That's what I wana know..

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    Re: fiero factory 355

    $650.00????? I don't know eh! It usually cost more than that to ship accross us/canada just the kit, but a whole car? Man that has to be shipped accross the atlantic ocean and picked up at a loading dock. Honestly to ship a car......i would think anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 cnd to get a car accross the atlantic/pacific ocean. I heard you can buy a real ferrari in Italy for like 60,000. More people would just buy the car in italy and ship it accross the ocean if shipping where that cheap....People would buy there honda's and toyota's for next to nothing in Japan and ship to vancouver if that where the case....

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    Re: fiero factory 355

    Ferrari prices are basically even wherever you go. Japan > Los Angeles for a car costs $900, and I mean individual, not to big firms like Honda.
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