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Thread: Mid-Engined Corvette,Chopped+Sectioned

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    Mid-Engined Corvette,Chopped+Sectioned

    Old showcar from 1984 needs total restoration,Chopped, sectioned,channelled,gull wing doors,mid-engined,with small block chevy and olds toronado tranny,molded frame,underside of all body,molded and painted,would make wild street car,or restore as nostalgia show car,was known as "Saten's Wing"
    on the isca show circuit,only 37 inches high.Picture in the display was the London Ontario show
    in 1984,dirty pictures are from sitting in the back of the shop since 1995!!!Something else that needs a new lease on life!!$10,000 or B.O. ??? :I can e-mail more pics.

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    Re: Mid-Engined Corvette,Chopped+Sectioned

    Another pic
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    Re: Mid-Engined Corvette,Chopped+Sectioned

    another pic
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    Re: Mid-Engined Corvette,Chopped+Sectioned

    another view
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