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Thread: fiero 308 with honda

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    fiero 308 with honda

    heres an ad on uk ebay selling a fiero factory 308 kit with a 2.7 ,v6 honda engine in it, how does that work?

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    Re: fiero 308 with honda

    well if u get rid of the fiero drivetrain and put in a FWD honda v6 facing forward, then set up a cable rig to the shifter, you get just that.
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    Re: fiero 308 with honda

    Thatís cool but I'm wondering if he did not run into issues. The garage being too small for a 308 is hard to believe and the fact that it is not running. If all is good that is a nice looking car and the motor looks good in there.

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    Re: fiero 308 with honda

    it's england, i wouldn't doubt the garage is too small...

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    Re: fiero 308 with honda

    Thats an odd engine swap, it appers to be the 2.7 out of the 88-91 Acura Legand's (I know Acura is a US brand name). Although thats a great motor that will go 200K+, its not super fast nor does it have that great of a transmission. That would make the Fiero drive more like a Legand and less like a sports car IMO.

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